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Hi, my name is Andrew G. Watters. I am a polymath based in my hometown of San Mateo, California, USA. I have a law degree from U.C. Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco, a bachelor's degree from UCLA, and thirteen to twenty years of professional experience in multiple industries.

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These are my current ventures:

Attorney - general civil litigation, complex family law, and trusts and estates litigation. Thirteen years of experience with fifteen trials.

Web application developer - database-driven web applications with Linux, Apache, MySQL/PostgreSQL, and PHP (LAMP), with nineteen years of experience.

Music producer - rock, progressive rock, instrumental rock, and metal.

Writer/film producer - screenplays and short stories.

R&D guy - multiple ongoing research projects with the goal of shipping products.

Legal commentator - free practice guides developed through over a decade of toil in this field.

Photographer - I co-own a photography studio.

I am available for hire in the areas of law ($300/hr.), web application development ($125/hr.), graphic design ($200/hr.), and general consulting/problem solving/ideas ($500/hr.).

Here are my popular tutorials/videos:

Linux tips and tricks - random tips learned the hard way.

D3 Analyzer - visualization, analysis, and advocacy in multi-million dollar divorces using Mathematica.

Privoxy on Mac OS X Howto - have you ever wanted to block ads on the web on your Mac without having to install MacPorts? This is for you.

Run your own email server Howto - have you ever wanted to take full control of your email? Not for the faint of heart.

Your own packet capture appliance Howto - have you ever wanted to analyze your network traffic?

Mathematica 11 "Evaluate Notebook" shortcut - I can't believe they didn't ship this feature.

Introduction to microexpressions - my guest lecture at Stanford.

Unboxing a new IBM Model M keyboard - travel back in time to 1988.

I like being around brilliant people for a variety of reasons. Here are a few links to great thinkers I have read and/or interacted with, who I think are some of the smartest people in the world:

Closer to Truth on PBS - seriously, a collection of astounding interviews with great scientists.

Robin Hanson - this guy is a prolific author and thinker.

John Carmack - definitely the best programmer in the world.

Stephen Wolfram - an all-around world-conquering genius.

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz - an up-and-coming researcher who writes great books.

TGG Group - a group of brilliant economists and behavioral scientists.

Contact: - use for all entertainment and R&D, as well as programming. - use for all legal and personal communications.

+1 (415) 261-8527 - yes, this is my mobile phone.

Endorsements. These are products and services, and service providers, that I use and strongly recommend:

Dell UltraSharp 8K monitor - the ultimate workstation display.

IBM Model M Keyboard - the best ever keyboard.

King Star Computer, Inc. - custom workstations and servers built to order.

Intel Xeon - professional grade processors that permit the use of ECC RAM.

Nvidia Titan - the most powerful desktop GPU in the world. Works great on Linux!

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 - a powerful server operating system that works great as a workstation.

General Dynamics PitBull - a trusted operating system built on top of RHEL 6.

CodeWeavers - the official vendor for PitBull and makers of the excellent CrossOver/Wine system.

Mathematica - advanced computation platform

Andy Collis/Valley Visuals - brilliant concept artist.

The Curating - website development and art.

Nissan GT-R - the ultimate all-around chariot.

Boardwalk Nissan/GT-R Specialists - five star service

Alternative BMW Service - five star service

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