Andrew G. Watters, Esq.

Specializing in missing person investigations.

Coming soon: case study of a complex missing person investigation from inception to completion.

I conduct investigations, including cyber investigations, for individuals and companies who require a turnkey solution. I have a network of professionals to draw upon for support in each area, whether involving standard techniques or cyber. This includes forensic audio processing and spectral analysis of audio files.

Andrew G. Watters, Esq. (CA #237990)
555 Twin Dolphin Drive, Ste. 135
Redwood City, CA 94065
+1 (415) 261-8527

Services must be provided in the context of a contemplated or ongoing lawsuit, such as the conservatorship of a missing person's estate. Services are limited to California at this time (I am exempt from private investigator licensing pursuant to Cal. Business and Professions Code sec. 7522(e) and 7582.2(e)).

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