Recommended Attorneys

If you don't want to hire me, select from these excellent options. I have had full cases that went to trial (2-6 trial days) and judgments with each of these lawyers on the other side, and my highest possible compliment is recommending my opposing counsel to potential clients. I would not include them here unless I had full confidence in their professional ability, ethics, and demeanor, among other areas.

Drew Winghart, Esq.
Civil litigation and family law attorney extraordinaire. Has an actual skeleton for a receptionist, which I attribute to his rapier wit.
Redwood City, CA

Andrea Valim, Esq.
Expert family law attorney. Her heart is not gold-- it's a new element that combines the best properties of gold and titanium.
San Mateo, CA

Dustin Vorsatz, Esq.
Expert family law attorney whose friendly and personable demeanor will disarm you. Is the "good cop" to his dad's "bad cop," which is a strategy I should implement myself.
Belmont, CA

Hussein Saffouri, Esq.
Extremely talented civil litigation/trial attorney, but also a super nice guy. I've never been so politely destroyed in court before, or since!
Lafayette, CA