Andy's Connections

An extraordinary matchmaking service based on cutting-edge behavioral science.

I previously worked with agencies that do romantic introductions before meeting my now-wife in 2021. I've also introduced two couples who later married. I decided to turn these experiences and contacts into a business. This is going to be one of the only matchmaking services in the U.S. of this type, focusing on connecting truly eligible men and women with each other through real, vetted professional introductions instead of faceless algorithms and phony promises.

Where other agencies have failed is, among other problems: (1) a committee of women predicting what a man will actually like, which is absolutely inaccurate and futile, and (2) the personality assessment of clients, which candidate matches sometimes report back negatively, much to the client's surprise. Too many of these types of services are focused on getting your money and getting you in the door, without actually considering what would work for you or what the prospective partner is actually like (or what works for them).

I have a deep roster of eligible men who I know from work, have gotten to know really well (sometimes after years of litigation), and would personally vouch for. These individuals are highly educated and successful, among other positives. At the moment, I need women who are single, intelligent, psychologically stable, and interested in meeting eligible men. But I will take additional eligible men, if they are actually desirable to women.

Send. c.v., basic information, and several recent photos. Interest level from respondents and quality level of clients and candidates will determine the cost of the service, if any.

Inquire via email to my primary address.