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Hi, my name is Andrew G. Watters. I am a lawyer, music/film producer, web application programmer, and entrepreneur from San Mateo, California with a variety of experience and interests.

I'm running for Congress in 2022 to fill the Honorable Jackie Speier's seat representing the 14th District of California (i.e., the new 15th District), which she is expected to vacate when she retires in 2022. As a non-politician, non-billionaire regular citizen with centrist Democrat views, my platform is radical honesty in government, in which the government and its personnel either have to say nothing (due to bona fide concerns about national security), or tell the truth to citizens. I believe that honesty in government and government service would form a more perfect Union and lead to better customer service to citizens, while preserving American strategic advantages in the areas of technology and the military with appropriate classification of information.

Campaign office:

Andrew G. Watters, Esq.
555 Twin Dolphin Drive, Ste. 135
Redwood City, CA 94065 - map it
+1 (415) 261-8527

Policy positions coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q. Why are you running for Congress?

    A. I think a regular citizen like me would do a better job than any professional politician. Check out the Yelp reviews for my law practice and you'll see that I care deeply about customer service.
  2. Q. Do you really tell the truth all the time?

    A. I practice "radical honesty" in which I either say nothing, or I say the truth. Yes, that is how I live my life. The truth is efficient, while lying is inefficient. This does not necessarily mean I answer or say yes or no to every question; this means giving the questioner the sense and understanding that their question is answered with the truth, even if I can't say yes or no. Of course there are situations where I don't answer, due to privacy or otherwise.
  3. Q. How would you handle classified information?

    A. I would say I cannot answer a question due to a substantial risk of exceptionally grave damage to national security. This is assuming that there actually is a risk to national security; I do believe that the government over-classifies embarrassing information, and reviewing those decisions is something I would certainly do to the extent Congress is able.
  4. Q. What is your financial situation?

    A. I earn significant income from my law practice, which is also worth real money. I own a condo through a family trust. I co-own a small photography studio as well. Between those three assets, I'm doing well. But I will be relying mainly on donations for this campaign.
  5. Q. How is your health?

    A. Generally excellent. I do not have any health conditions that would disqualify me from Federal office, though I am not able to serve in the military due to a disqualifying health condition for which I have been in remission for a decade. My dream is to serve our country in some capacity, and this campaign is what I came up with to get there.
  6. Q. Do you have a family?

    A. I have not been blessed with a family yet, though I have a wonderful fiancée. I have plenty of time to devote to this role and I would work the hardest out of all the candidates. I can also promise personalized email correspondence with citizens through an innovative platform that I am personally developing.
  7. Q. Do you have any baggage?

    A. No. I am exactly who I say I am. I have never been arrested or convicted of any crimes, except a couple of traffic infractions over a 20-year period (not DUI's). I have never been married (update: I recently became engaged for the first time), and also never been sued. In terms of "behaving badly" or #MeToo concerns, I am within normal limits for a male who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, and I'm about a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10. I have a personal conduct rider attached to all my contracts, including this campaign, and that policy requires 100% positive personal conduct within the last seven years. I am in total compliance with my own policy, which is re-printed here:
    This policy announcement follows a wave of sexual harassment/sexual assault/lewd conduct allegations against various figures in the entertainment industry. Without necessarily judging these individuals for their bad behavior, or minimizing the very real harm that victims have suffered, it’s obvious to me that these incidents and figures all share at least one thing in common: an abuse of power or position of influence by the perpetrator in an effort to directly impact the victim, or at least include the victim in the inappropriate conduct. Without naming names, it’s not a surprise to me that this type of behavior goes unreported, because there is just so much profit in these various bad actors’ work and a huge incentive to suppress the truth. I am writing this message to announce my own policy on misconduct in the event there is either a concern or a question about what my policy is. My policy is simple: I don’t work with anyone who has, or in the last seven years has had, any incidents of sexual harassment, assault, or lewd conduct (or other serious incidents), or in the last ten years has had confirmed incidents of financial dishonesty or moral turpitude (theft, fraud, embezzlement, breach of fiduciary duty, etc.). A person does not need to be convicted or found civilly liable for this policy to apply; the focus is on the underlying conduct, not whether the person got away with it or not. This zero-tolerance policy is easy for me to administer and provides an appropriate balance of victim sensitivity with my need to work with brilliant people who may have behaved badly in the distant past. Regarding work that has already been done, if I work with someone who later turns out to have been a serial sexual harasser/abuser or a fraud, I reserve the right to discontinue any professional relationship, including credit for prior work done, at any time. Anyone who has a concern about any aspect of any project is welcome to email me at with their concerns, or call me directly at +1 (415) 261-8527. Meanwhile, I look forward to continuing our work together free from any charges of bad behavior, which is unprofessional and simply unnecessary to creating whatever it is we are doing.
  8. Q. Where are you from?

    A. I was born in San Francisco, spent a couple years as a toddler in Washington, D.C. and Hawaii while Dad was in the service, three years in Marin from 1985-1988, and then I lived primarily in San Mateo from when my family moved here in 1988 (and continuously in San Mateo starting in 2013) until 2021. I now live in Belmont, with my office in Redwood City/Redwood Shores. I've spent time in L.A. for college (1998-2002), Santa Rosa and Marin for my first legal jobs (2006 to 2009), and Santa Clara while I was working in San Jose from 2010 to 2013. I consider San Mateo my hometown because we settled here when I was in the third grade and I've spent at least 20 of the last 32 years here.

Official playlist

  1. RUSH - 2112
  2. Toto - Hold the Line
  3. Ben E. King - Stand By Me
  4. Marina - I'm a Ruin
  5. Stevie Nicks - Stand Back
  6. OMD - If You Leave
  7. ABC - The Look of Love
  8. Metallica - Master of Puppets
  9. Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Lucky Man
  10. Hubert Kah - The Picture
  11. Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight
  12. Prince - Purple Rain
  13. Sia - Diamonds
  14. Adele - Skyfall
  15. LoNero - Burning of Ideals

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